Understanding the Volatile Boating Industry

The current state of the boating industry is undeniably volatile. Despite an ongoing interest in boat purchases, buyers are not meeting the traditional profit margins that dealers have grown accustomed to. This requires a more imaginative approach to identifying new customers. Although any individual might have been considered a potential customer in the past, current circumstances dictate a more targeted strategy. It’s crucial now to focus on customers who are known to be able to afford our products. By doing so, we can be selective in our customer base, and secure margins that favor us. The future of boat sales might largely hinge on this approach.

Leveraging Big Data and Advanced Marketing Tools

By utilizing big data and services like OTT and geofencing—effective tools for identifying customers that meet our criteria—we can build a clientele more predisposed to purchase. Whether targeting customers with high credit scores, those living on the waterfront, or those with a proven interest in outdoor activities, the path to the right demographic has never been more accessible.

Specialized Marketing with RecJet Media

This is where we at RecJet Media come in. As a marketing firm, we specialize in identifying qualified customers for your products. Leveraging the myriad data sources at our disposal, we can zero in on prospective buyers with an existing interest in boats, high to exceptionally high credit scores, residences on or near water, and high household incomes. These individuals typically demonstrate an inclination towards marine products and are confirmed outdoor enthusiasts. Even with the steep prices boat manufacturers demand, there remains a necessity for targeted marketing towards these qualified buyers.

Capitalizing on the Expected Influx of Used Boats

To prepare for 2024, another viable strategy is investing in used boats. The surge in boat sales over the past two years, prompted by COVID, implies that a wave of used boats will likely enter the market within the next 18 months. These will be from repossessions, trade-ins, or from individuals who have come to realize that boating is not their passion. When this wave hits, the market will be saturated with used boats, sold either by owners or by banks. As a marine dealer, it’s crucial to capitalize on this expected influx of used boats.

RecJet Media: Your Partner in Marine Industry Marketing

RecJet Media is not just a marketing firm; we specialize in the marine industry, with a particular focus on marketing for boat dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our experience within the marine sector uniquely qualifies us to assist you in locating buyers and selling more boats. We take care of managing your social media, creating and administering Google Ads accounts, and building geo-campaigns, both geofencing and geotargeting.

Advancing Your Brand with OTT Advertising and Video Production

We also craft Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising campaigns that reach a specifically identified group, tailored to be your potential customer base. Beyond these services, we possess a fully operational design and digital studio available for video production services.

Connect with RecJet Media Today

We would be delighted to discuss the services we offer in more detail. Please feel free to reach out, and let’s arrange a call to explore how RecJet can facilitate stronger connections between dealers and boat buyers.