blazer bay 2440

Blazer Bay 2440 Review – April 2022


If you’re looking for a high-performing bay boat that can handle all your fishing needs, the Blazer Bay 2440 is worth considering. Its sleek design, spacious cockpit, and fishability features make it perfect for a successful day on the water. The wrap-around seating also makes it a great option for the family.


We tested the Blazer Bay 2440 powered by a 300HP Suzuki, providing plenty of power for cruising and fishing. The moderate deep-V hull design ensures a smooth ride, while the high gunwales and bow flare make it easy to handle rough waters. The 78-gallon fuel tank allows you to explore further and fish longer.


The Blazer Bay 2440 stands out for its spacious cockpit. It provides plenty of room for anglers to move around and fish, with a large forward casting deck, a raised casting platform, and multiple seating options. There is also enough storage space for gear and tackle, including a large forward storage compartment, multiple rod holders, and an under-gunnel rod rack.

The hull is derived from the popular Blazer Bay 2400, which has been part of the Blazer line-up for years. In late 2021, the interior was overhauled with wrap-around seating, sandwich-molded lids, a redesigned console, large oval livewells, and a rear flip-up seat.


The Blazer Bay 2440 is built for serious fishing. It has a large livewell with a clear observation window, making it easy to keep an eye on your catch. There are plenty of rod storage options, including gunwale-mounted rod holders and an under-gunnel rod rack. The deep-V hull design and high gunwales make it easy to fish in rough waters, while the raised casting platform allows you to spot fish from a distance.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Blazer Bay 2440 is a versatile and high-performing bay boat that’s perfect for serious fishermen. Its sleek design, spacious layout, and fishability features make it a great choice for anglers who want a reliable and versatile boat. The seating options also make it a great boat for the family. This is one of the best fishing/family boats we’ve reviewed, doing both very well. If you’re in the market for a bay boat, the Blazer Bay 2440 is definitely worth considering. Its impressive performance, comfortable design, and fishability features are sure to provide you with many successful fishing trips for years to come.

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