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In this section we focus on features, specs and reviews of Blazer Bay’s production boat models. These models include: Blazer Bay 675 Ultimate Bay, 2420 GTS, 2440, Blazer Bay 2550 GTS and the Blazer Bay 2700.

Review – Blazer Bay 2550 GTS

Blazer Boats – Blazer Bay Company Profile


Blazer Bay Boats, located in Pensacola, Florida, is a premier manufacturer of high-performance fishing boats that are built to last. Founded in 1978 by Robert H. Craft and brothers Keith and Lonnie Craft, the company has become known for its semi-custom fishing boats that are optimized for speed, stability, and durability.

Blazer uses only the highest-quality materials in the construction of their boats and engineers them to withstand even the toughest conditions on the water. They have a diverse range of models to suit every type of angler, from weekend warriors to tournament professionals, and offers both bass boats and bay boats, each designed with a specific purpose in mind.

About Blazer Bay Boats – Models

20′ Bay Boat – The 20′ Bay Boat is a versatile inshore machine at a price most can afford. The Blazer Bay 2020 is a budget-friendly option with a nice finish, plenty of room for up to 5 people, and excellent performance in its size class.

22′ Bay Boat – This boat is perfect for those who want a larger bay boat that can handle choppy conditions. Firstly, the 2220 Fisherman has been a long-time favorite for those seeking a typical bay boat. With its sleek lines and performance hull, it’s more than just a fishing machine. The Blazer 2220 GTS is a great boat for serious guides or tournament anglers, offering a high-performing hull with plenty of room for clients and gear. The 675 Ultimate Bay has been one of Blazer’s most popular models for years. This boat appeals to tournament anglers who like speed, and its bass boat-inspired pad hull delivers just that.

24′ Bay Boat – The 24′ Blazer Bay 2420 GTS is likely one of the most popular boats on professional redfish tours along the Gulf Coast. Its shallow water ability, coupled with its smooth, dry ride, also makes it a popular guide boat. The Blazer Bay 2400 has been a staple of the Blazer Bay lineup for years due to its spacious interior. Blazer also offers a striper boat variant, perfectly suited for freshwater striper fishing. Blazer Bay introduced the      2440 in late 2020, sharing the same hull as the 2400 but with an amazing, well-designed cap. The boat features everything you’d expect from a fishing boat while incorporating family-friendly elements like large wrap-around forward seating. See our review of the Blazer Bay 2440.

Blazer Boats Over 24′

25′ Blazer Bay Boat – With the introduction of the new (2023) 2550 GTS, Blazer Bay has now entered the large, yet shallow inshore fishing boat arena. Packed with numerous features, the Blazer 2550 GTS is an excellent option for an angler who demands the very best. See our review of the new Blazer Bay 2550 GTS.

27′ Blazer Bay Boat – Introduced in late 2019, the Blazer Bay 2700 Hybrid Bay is a step out of their comfort zone. The 2700 provides a mix of both worlds, as the Hybrid name implies. More than capable offshore with a relatively shallow draft, you can fish both inshore and offshore with this boat. The 2700 is also available in a twin-engine configuration. See our review of the Blazer 2700 Hybrid Bay.


All Blazer Bay boats are built using the latest marine technology and the highest-quality materials. Each boat is designed to provide exceptional performance, durability, and comfort. Their boats also come with a range of features, such as ample storage, rod holders, and livewells, making them perfect for fishing enthusiasts.

Blazer bass boats are specifically created for tournament anglers who demand the best in performance and speed, while the company’s bay boats are ideal for inshore fishing.

In addition to their standard product line, Blazer Boats offers semi-custom boat building services to customers. The company’s skilled craftsmen can build a boat to exact specifications, ensuring it meets the customer’s specific needs and preferences.

Where to Buy

If you’re in the Bay Boat market, you can find Blazer boats for sale throughout the Gulf Coast, including southern, central, and some northern states. Year-end Blazer Bay Boat sales typically start around late April every year, so keep an eye out for boats going on sale during that time. Blazer offers a dealer locator on their website to help you find a dealer near you.
Blazer Boats has earned a reputation for excellence in the fishing industry due to its commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. Their bay boats are widely recognized as some of the best in the business, and are used by top anglers and fishing guides around the world.

If you’re in the market for a performance fishing boat, look no further than Blazer Boats. With its wide range of models and customization options, the company is the perfect choice for serious anglers who demand the very best.

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