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Blazer Bay Boats for sale?

It’s easy to find a new Blazer Bay Boats, just search Boat Trader or iBoats for listings of Blazer Boats for sale. Visit Blazers website and find a local Blazer dealer near you with their dealer locator. Google “blazer boat dealers near me” or “blazer boats near me” for search results related to your general area. Any of these will help get you on the water fast.

Blazer Bay models on a budget?

The Blazer Bay 2020 model is the definite starting point for someone in the bay boat market looking to find a smaller boat at a reasonable price. Engine options such as the Suzuki 140 can help keep the cost down but still gives good performance in a boat this size. The 2020 is just over 20′ in length and is a great boat for almost any marine environment. It’s a good idea to consider safe boating classes, especially if your boat is one of the high performance models.

How much do Blazer boats cost?

Blazer Boats offer a wide variety of models for all sorts of on water activities. You can expect to pay as little as $55,000 for a loaded 2020 or up to $180,00 for a loaded Blazer 2700 HB. As with any boat, cost is a reflection of upgrades, electronics, trolling motor, and other bells and whistles. These greatly effect the price and therefor the Blazer Bay pricing can be managed based on accessories, upgrades and engine choices. It’s easy to find Blazer Boats for sale on the internet or at a local dealer.

What kind of boats does Blazer build?

Blazer Boats has an extensive line of boat including Blazer Bay and high performance Blazer Bass boats. As far as the models of Bay boats they build… 2020, 2200, 2220 Fisherman, 2220 GTS, 2400, 2420 GTS, 2440, 2400 Striper, 2550 GTS and the 2700 Hybrid Bay. Blazers’ Bass boat line includes the 625 Pro Elite and the 650 Pro Tour. The bass boats feature high performance hulls built to balance speed and stability. Both are offered with either single console or duel and supply an exhilarating experience not matter which you choose.

Why are Blazer boats popular?

Blazer Bay boats are very popular among tournament and inshore guide operators and anglers. They usually exceed customers expectations do to their ability to provide a smooth, dry ride for clients and their ability to navigate shallow waters. They are worth considering if you are in the bay boat market. Blazer Boats bass boat models are popular with tournament anglers and again, exceed customers expectations in regards to performance and storage. It’s always been Blazers goal to meet and exceed marine industry standards in safety and reliability. They are very popular in Florida, Texas, Alabama and Louisiana. In recent your their popularity has grown outside of these areas.

Getting Service for your Blazer Bay Boat?

When Blazer Boats are built, customers expectations are high but occasionally, as with any boat brand you may need to find service or repairs for one of their boats. Help is easy to find by looking for one of their many dealers located through-out the eastern half of the US. The can assist you with warranty information, any costs for the boats repair if not covered. They can help you meet your performance goal if the boats in need of prop or motor height adjustments. Or even install or upgrade electronics in the boats console.

Contacting Blazer Bay Boats

You can get additional information about the brand or send them a message by visiting their website. This is a good source of information and an up-to-date models list. You can message them there with general questions you have about their bay boats, bass boats or service and maintenance questions. If you’re in or traveling through Pensacola you might be able to tour the plant but you’ll want to reach out to them ahead of time to make those arrangements.

Blazer Boats Company History

Blazer Boats, started in 1978 by the Craft Family. Blazer started building bass boats, and then high performance bass boats by the early 80s, up to 20′ in length. 1995 blazer introduced several bay boats models which where new to the company with their center console design. At first they offered bay boats up to 22′ in length. In those day wood was used as was standard with nearly all boats built around that time. Depending on the model, most or their boats where 100 percent composite by the early 200s. In 2012 Blazer released a change to their bass boat lineup, the 625 Pro Elite. It was wider than previous models but still provided all the high performance results to meet the customer expectation of Blazer built boats it was offered in single and duel console configurations.

BlazerBoats was sold in October 2019 which ended the Craft Family involvement. However Blazer still strives to carry on the legacy started over 45 years ago. They offer classes to new team members to meet their quality standards on every model boat they build. From center console bay boats, to single and duel console bass boats.


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